You might be wondering…….

  •   How much will it cost? 
    A daily contribution to onboard costs of thirty Euros per person or fifty for a couple or two friends.  This covers food and marina fees and diesel but not beer/wine.  We eat at least one meal aboard each day, usually in the evening. DIY continental breakfast is available but you’ll sort your own lunch, except when we’re on passage or at anchor when ploughman’s type fare is provided.   Onshore you can spend as much or as little as you like.
  • How do I get to the boat? 
    You’ll need to make your own way to join us.  There are plenty of low-fares airline destinations and trains are pretty good in Portugal & Spain.  Buses take a little more practice as they tend to be town-to-town. Look here for Spanish buses:  http://www.alsa.es
  •    How will I know where to go?
    You’ll join for a set period of time so you’ll need a bit of flexibility as promising a time and place is asking for trouble! It is much easier for joining crew to move along the coast to meet the boat than it is for the boat to do the same, so expect to arrange local transport from your arrival airport to the boat.  Having said that of course we’ll do our best to be where we’d hoped!
  • What will I need?  
    Normal holiday clothes plus something warm for cooler evenings, along with a waterproof coat.  Shoes with non-marking soles and something lighter for hot weather.  Crocs are OK (well I think so anyway) but aren’t really suitable when under way.  A soft squashable holdall rather than a suitcase (no room to store them).  Many more details to follow in the “joining instructions”……
  • Will I have my own cabin? 
    Crew share the forepeak which has two single berths.  This can be converted to a double. We prefer couples or pairs of friends, but if you are traveling alone you will have exclusive use of the crew accommodation. You’ll have your own storage space and the boat is big enough for quiet time when needed.  It’s actually less of an issue than you might think because so much time is spent outside   .


    Forepeak – crew quarters

  •  What if I get seasick? 
    Sometimes people do, but it settles down after a day or so.  Stugeron (or your choice of meds) helps to start with. If you have little sea time we will encourage you rather strongly to take some for the first day or so.
  • Will it be hot? 
    Hope so.
  • Will I have a load of fun?
    You bet.
  • What mustn’t I leave behind?
    Sense of humour. It won’t be arduous but it’s not lap-of-luxury, so some things might present a challenge depending on your attitude! For example, wet clothes can’t often be tumble-dried so must hang out to dry. We do have a shower in the heads but most people prefer to shower ashore. The boat will move around however much I will it not to, although the movement soon becomes soothing rather than annoying (mostly). And the weather predictions are sometimes unpredictable.

Alibi in Aviles


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