Join Us

To Join Us On Alibi:

What do I need to do?

We will agree in advance:

  • Where you are to join (approximate, you may need to travel by local transport to the actual place)
  • Your joining and leaving date (not approximate, so you may have to travel from a different place if we don’t make our planned destination)
  • Some time for a short introduction.  Skype is good for this, or some ‘phone time. It helps to break the ice a bit before you join!

Next Steps:

  • Fill in this form – we will get a notification and get in touch with you.
  • We will mark the planner with your chosen slot in your name in light blue – this will show others that you’re making your travel arragenements but they are not confirmed and nor is your slot.
  • Book your flights!
  • Send us the link you received from the airline for your boarding card. This is proof of your intention to join us on Alibi – we will then remove all the other ‘possibles’ and hold your time slot for you.
  • Provide your passport details (scan and email if possible) along with your home address.  This is for the crew list which I need to keep up to date.  A copy of your personal insurance policy (see Checklist below)
  • Emergency contact details
  • Provide your ‘on-the-road’ contact details – how you can be contacted away from your home
  • Ensure you have adequate personal insurance.  This is easy to obtain for most people on the basis that we will be on a non-commercial pleasure trip.  It’s important that your insurance covers medical costs if you are not an EU citizen.  Most important for all crew – it should cover medical repatriation.  It pays to shop around but one to try is AXA Yachtsman Travel Insurance.
  • EU citizens should obtain an EHIC card (free in the UK)
  • Obtain any visas you may require (non-EU citizens only)
  •  If you have to fill in an immigration form you will need to provide an address.  This will be “Private Sailing Yacht Alibi III “ at the marina address I’ll supply for you – normally the one you join at.
  • All these can be done here  Joining Checklist
  • We can’t store rigid suitcases so bring your gear in a folding bag
  • Before you leave the boat please leave time to tidy your berth ready for the next crew members
  • Be prepared to use public transport to get to your departure airport and remember that just as when you joined, the boat may not be exactly where we expected.

Lastly –

  • Crewing in this fashion depends on openness and honesty between us.  There are no ‘deposits’ or ‘contracts’.  We have to trust each other to do our very best to honour our commitments.  If you anticipate a change of plan please let me know – I will do the same.  Changing your plans because you don’t fancy the look of the weather won’t be possible.  Remember we will be relying on each other to make good things happen!

A tourist remains an outsider throughout his visit; but a sailor is part of the local scene from the moment he arrives. – Anne Davison

We know this might seem slightly complicated but we have been a bit unfortunate in the past with several people saying ‘yes!’ and then saying ‘no’ a few days before they were due to arrive letting us down and others that wanted that slot too. This simply means we avoid the need for ‘deposits’ or any such thing all we need is evidence of a firm commitment – hope that’s not too much to ask!

Looking forward to hearing from you, meeting you and sailing with you!


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